Saturday, January 14, 2012

Maachher Puli Pithe (Makar Shankranti Special)

Hello my dear friends, wish you all a very happy Sankranthi. As you all have noticed, I had been out of blogging for the last few months since I was taking some time to get settled in my new career. But trust me, I was also missing the blogging world and you all very badly. So I thought what best can be to resume my blogging than a post on Sankranthi day. This year I felt myself quite fortunate to have my mother on Shankranthi. She has prepared almost all types of pithe and we enjoyed relishing those. Here I am sharing one of those which is my most favorite one.

maachher puli pithe

This particular recipe (Maachher Puli Pithe) is one of my mother's innovation and she only inspired me to go with this excellent snacks. This is a regular pithe with fish as the stuffing. It tastes very good and I suggest you all fish lovers to try this out.

Maachher Puli Pithe

maachher puli pithe


For stuffing

Fish(Catla/Rohu)                    250 gms
Green peas                            100 gms
Ginger garlic paste                  1 tbsp
Onion(Chopped)                    2large
Tomato(chopped)                  1 Medium
Turmericpowder                    1 tsp
Cumin powder                       1/2tsp
Coriander powder                  1/2 tsp
Garam masala                        1 tsp
Red chili powder                    1 tsp
Sugar                                     1/2 tsp
Corinader leaver                     1 bunch

For coating:
Rice flour                                2 cups
All purpose flour                      1 cup
Baking powder                        1/2 tsp
Oil for frying


  1. Boil the fish pieces  for about 10 minutes until it becomes soft, Remove all the spines and mash it coarsely. Boil green peas and keep aside.

  2. Heat oil in a pan and add chopped onion and fry for couple of minuites. Add ginger garlic paste and again saute for another minute.

  3. Add turmeric powder,cumin powder, corianderpowder amd salt. Fry the spices for a couple of minute  and then add boiled peas and chopped tomatoes. Saute for a minute and add fish. Add garam masala powder and stir fry for 4 to 5 minutes.

  4. Add chopped coriander and mix properly. Turn off the flame.Your stuffing is ready to pour into the puli.

  5. To make puli. Mix rice flour, All purpose flour, and baking powder. Add 2 tablespoon of oil and mix with it. Now add water gradually so as to make a soft dough.

  6. Make small balls from the dough and make tit flat with hand and stuff the stuffing mixture into it. Fold and seal the edges properly.

  7. Heat oil in a pan, Add pulis oneby one and deep fry themuntil it becomes golden yellow and crisp outside.

Serve hot with chutney and enjoy this wonderful puli pithe as snacks.


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