Monday, April 29, 2013

Crispy Beetroot Cutlet

Why Beetroot? As a mother of two growing daughters, I have the daunting task of making tasty yet healthy snacks for them every evening. Those who are on the same situation as me, would definitely agree with me that how difficult it is to combine taste & health in a nice way.

Very few veggie can match the nutritional value of the humble beetroot. Beetroot contains potassium, magnesium & iron as well as vitamins A, B6 & C and Folic Acid. It also contains carbohydrates, proteins, powerful antioxidants and soluble fiber. Not only is beetroot great for boosting stamina and making muscles work harder, but also can help in reducing blood pressure as well as its associated risks such as heart attacks & strokes.

If the above info is too technical to digest, don’t worry too much. You’ll find beetroot cutlet, made as per the recipe given in this blog, to be a nice & tasty evening snacks, which would bowl over your loved ones.

For Filling
Beetroot – 2 Large size, grated
Carrot – 1 large, grated
Potato – 1 Large
Green peas – 1/2 cup, optional
Peanut – 2 tbsp, roasted and peeled
Raisins – 1 tbsp, soaked
Ginger paste – 1 tbsp
Green chilli – 3 Chopped
Fennel seed – 1/2 tsp
Roasted Spices – Cumin, Coriander, Fennel seeds in equal amount
Turmeric powder – 1 tsp
Chilli powder – 1 tsp
Salt – As per taste

For Coating
Cornflour – 1 tbsp
Flour – 1 tbsp
Water – 1/4 cup
Egg Beaten – 1 no, optional if we are not making it pure vegetarian
 Oil for Frying

Boil potato and mash it slowly with hand. Keep it aside. Dry roast Cumin, Coriander, and Fennel Seed and then grind into fine powder.

Heat oil in a pan and add fennel seeds. Add Ginger paste and chopped green chillis. Fry for some time and then add grated vegetables and sauté for few minutes. Add turmeric powder, chili powder, and salt and cook till veggies become soft. Add mashed potato and stir again.

Add boiled Peas and roasted peanut and roasted spices. Mix well with the veggies.
Cook till veggies get mixed completely. Switch off the flame and allow it to cool for some time. Take a small portion of the mixture in you palm and roll it and then press to give the shape of a round cutlet.

Take a bowl and add cornflour, plain flour and pinch of salt and water to make a batter of medium consistency.  Beaten egg (optional) can also be used. Take another bowl and pour some breadcrumb and spread it.

Dip each cutlet in the batter and then roll them into breadcrumb and make sure the cutlet is coated well with that. Coat all cutlets like this and keep them refrigerated for an hour. Your cutlets are ready for frying.

Heat oil in a pan and deep fry the cutlet in medium flame until it turns golden brown.
Serve hot along with your favorite sauce/dip.


Raksha said...

This looks very healthy and is really great for kids.

Raksha's Kitchen

divya said...

OMG! Looks inviting...

Mélange said...

Perfect yummy cutlets Sunanda..I love the flavor of beets.

Sunanda said...

Wow!! this is so quick :-) thanx. this is true Raksha my kid loved it very much..

Priya Suresh said...

Extremely crispy and droolworth cutlets..

Shobha said...

Cutlets look so inviting...yummy yummy.

Sravs said...

So healthy and tasty one !!

Unknown said...

Looks nice and crispy...

Unknown said...

Hi, nice one really very tasty... my childhood days revisited... my mum used to make it for me....

Merry Tummy said...

they look so perfect. Beautiful colour ans texture..
Do visit and follow me

Merry Tummy said...

they look so perfect. Beautiful colour ans texture..
Do visit and follow me

Aruna Manikandan said...

looks crispy and delicious :)

Sunanda said...

Thanks Shome..I will definitely make this specially for u when u will visit Bangalore :-)

Home Cooked food said...

first time here, nice space you gt and temtping cutlets. do visit me too.

Revathi Ramkumar said...

Perfect looking cutlet...happy following u when free drop into my space

Unknown said...

Good One , thanks for sharing it Sunanda.

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Sunanda said...

Revathi,Thanks for following me dear.. u too have a very nice blog..

rani arun said...

hi sunanda.. thanks for visiting my blog..your site is as beautiful as your name:)i used to prepare this cutlets but in different way..anyway yours looks so perfect..all dishes are simply superb..happily following you:)

AJ said...

Looks crispy and tempting!

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We love your recipes.
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Anonymous said...

Can i use besan instead of cornflour?

Unknown said...

Sunanda , I made these cutlets at home yday....turned out to be yummilicious!! Used to love these cutlets as a kid...but never could make on my own...thanks to you we enjoyed this Kolkata "vegetable-chop" in Mumbai!!

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