Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Since I started blogging after a long pause, I will start this sweet beginning with a sweet post. Hope you all will like it.

Imarti is a very popular sweet which is available in all sweet shop. It is basically a variant of 'Jalebi' in which Urad dal batter is used in place of flour. Imarti are usually drier than Jalebi and the shape is also different which is often a small ring in the middle and around which the pattern is made geometrically. Though it is very popular sweet we usually don't try this at home as it is readily available everywhere. Few days back I even didn't know that it is made of urad daal before I got to know from one of my friend. Then thought of giving it a try after seeing the design of the ready made ones and believe me in my first try itself, it came out very nice. though look wise it may be not as perfect as the ready made ones, but it was very good in taste.


Urad daal 250 gms
Oil 500 ml (for frying)
Sugar 3 cups
Water 300 ml
saffron/food colour
Cardamom Powder


1 Heat a large pan and add water and boil it now add now dissolve 3 cups of sugar.

2. Add saffron and stirr the syrup in low flame so that it gets reduced to one thread consistency. Add Saffron and cardamom powder. keep the syrup and cool it.

3. Soak Urad daal overnight . wash and drain it and grind it into a fine batter. Keep aside for minimum 3 hours.

4. Take a thick clothe and make a small hole in it (or a ketchup dispenser bottle which is easy to hold) . Pour the urad daal batter and hold it like a pouch.

5 Heat oil in a flat bottomed pan and now press the pouch(or a ketchup dispenser bottle) filled with batter over the oil and try to make the shape of imarti like make a ring first and then make small ringlets all along the ring.
6. Deep fry them until become crisp and turn once so that both side gets cooked well.

7. Drain out excess oil and deep into sugar syrup. Soak imarti in the syrup for about 5 minutes and then drain out and keep aside so that it dries out and become crispy and delicious .

8 Serve hot and crispy Imartis as desert.


Priti said...

Wow ...drooling over it ....

Priyanka said...

Hi.....Please visit my blog an award is waiting for you ..... :)

Gayu said...

This looks so wonderful and delicious!!


Divya.M said...

hi, this is really delicious.....want to try it out....

kitchen queen said...

lovely and yummy sweet.Thanks for visiting my blog and giving a wonderful comment.You too have a nice blog.Do visit my blog any time.I too shall hop on to ur blog off and on.

Kankana said...

Absolutely amazing !! i am not even sure if I can bring it to that perfection, but i will try . Thanks for dropping by :)

deepasri said...

So glad to see you back. As u know I came into this blogging world only because of you so can't thank you enough. Next time eta baniyo ami ashle ;-)

Harika's Kitchen said...

Looks amazing color ful too.

Ramya said...

Wow...perfect for my sweet tooth..
Actually i have tried it many many times from sweet shops..but never knew its name was Imarti..I just call it mini jalebi's:-)

Thanks for stopping by my blog:-)

SheenaBabu said...

first time to u r blog...nice presentation...i like your presntation

Raksha said...

wow, I just love ur blog.

1st time here. Following u.


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