Monday, April 15, 2013

Easy peasy Mishti Doi (Kolkata styled sweetened yogurt in a jiffy)

Hi friends!! I am back after a long gap of more than 1 year. I had joined a job and was completely busy in settling myself in the big, bad corporate world. However, I’m kind of settled down now and would, once again, continue to share lip-smacking recipes in my blog. I’m back with a new & improved look of my blog site. Stay tuned with my blog for more interesting recipes.
What would be a more auspicious day to start a new lease of blogging life than Poila Boisakh, the 1st day of Bengali Lunar Calendar? And, what would be a better choice of food than Mishti Doi (Kolkata styled Sweetened Yogurt), a quintessential Bengali sweet delicacy? Wish you all Shubho Noboborsho!

I never thought I could prepare Mishti Doi at my house and that also in such a jiffy and minimum effort, till I met Bipasha di, my sister-in-law in Dubai a couple of weeks back. She has been preparing this at home for many months and has received lots of appreciation from friends. She has been kind enough to share this recipe with me and here I am, sharing this with my readers. Thank you, Bipasha Di
Full cream yogurt – 1 kg
Condensed Milk – 600 gm
Brown Sugar – 2 tsp – you can use white sugar too, but brown sugar gives a very good flavor
Red food color – 2 drops – optional, in case you want to give it some color
Saffron – 4 to 5 strands – optional, in case you love the kesariya taste & flavor

Drain excess water from the yogurt. Mix all the ingredients thoroughly with a hand blender till it becomes a smooth mixture. Pour the mix in a microwave proof bowl
If you are using any color or flavor like saffron or vanilla, mix it now. Put the bowl inside the microwave and put it in high for 6 minutes
After 6 minutes, get the bowl out and rest it outside for around 1 hour till it cools down. Refrigerate it for minimum 2 hours and enjoy chilled Mishti Doi, Kolkata styled, made in a jiffy at home!!


divya said...

wow looks fab tempting

Reshmi Mahesh said...

Mishti doi looks great...

Santanu De said...

Fabulous photography! The yogurt looks so lively!

Priya Suresh said...

Very quick and delicious mishti doi..Happy new year wishes..

Unknown said...

good blog

please visit

Sunanda said...

Thanks every one for liking the recipe..

Sunanda said...

Thanks Dada and Munna di specially for being my inspiration :-)

Sangeetha M said...

Welcome Back Dear! Great to have to recipes again, keep rocking :)
Mishti doi looks absolutely delicious..great start!

Shobha said...

Nice with different flavours..I have never tried it..

Raks said...

wow, interesting recipe, indeed easy !

Unknown said...

Thanks for the recipe. I have a few queries, if I reduce the quantity to 1/4 kg yogurt should the cooking time be reduced? Should I microwave the Doi covered or uncovered? Thanks,



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