Thursday, January 22, 2009

Vanilla custard

This one of the most favourite dessert of my kid. She loves it very much specially cherry spread on the top. It is different from other custard as I cut it into cube shape to make it look more delicious. The preparation is very easy and fast.

 1/2 litres. Milk
 2 tbsp. Custard powder(vanilla flavoured)
 3 tbsp. Sugar
 Cherry (sliced lengthwise)

1. Pour milk in a pan, keep it in flame and let it boil. Reduce the flame and stirr for about 6 to 8 minute so as to reduce its volume. Add 3 tbsp of sugar and stir again. 
2.Take 1/4 cup of cold milk and add 2 heaped tbsp. of vanilla flavoured custard powder and mix thoroughly so that the powder gets diluted properly in the  milk.
3.  Now pour the custard powder and milk mixture slowly on the boiled milk with one hand and stir the milk with other hand  as it will avoid formation of lump. Stir continuously until the custard becomes thick. 
4. Reduce the flame and Pour the custard into and flat bottomed container (grease the container before pouring). Let it cool  in order to set the custard (You can keep it in refrigerator for an hour. Spread cherry pieces over it. Now cut it into cubes or different shape according to your kids choice.  

This  recipe goes for "Cooking For Kids (Milk/Milk products)" event going on Preety's blog. Wish you all the best for hosting such a cute event.


Unknown said...

wow..taht looks colourful and delicious..

Poonam said...

Yummy custard shall give a daughter will like it for sure!!!!

Preety said...

hey you reminded me of mom use to make this a a dessert most of the we were always asking for that..she also makes kulfi (indian icecream) with the custard powder..but i never saw the custard in the grocery store her..if i find some i am going to try this for sure..easy & yet it..thanks for the entry

Malini Basu said...

looks yummy......will definitely try for my kid...

Neha said...

so nice entry.., but mine custurd somehow comes a bit watery, may be some wrong proportion. "ll try again..


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