Sunday, January 18, 2009

Carrot Tomato soup

Soups are always considered to be healthy dish which should be included in our daily diet and If the soup is prepared at home from fresh tomatoes and carrots which are rich in vitamin A & C  then it becomes more nutritious . My kid is very fussy about food and she does not like the ready to cook soups available in market so I was experimenting with different types of soups and I found this soup to be more effective regarding health as well as taste. Its Sweet and tangy taste makes it more delicious.

8 to 10 Tomatoes
2  carrots (grated)
5 to 6 Clove Garlic
1 Green chili
2 to 3 Baby corn (Optional)
Salt(as per taste)
1 tsp.Sugar(as per taste)
1/2 tsp.Pepper powder
1 tsp.Corn flour
Fresh Cream

1 Wash the vegetables (Tomato & Baby corn) and put in a Pressure cooker. Add grated Carrots, Garlic and green chili, Salt and a cup of water to the Pressure Cooker. Now pressure cook it for 8 to 10 minutes(3 whistles).
2. Take it out in a vessel and peel off the tomatoes. Now put all the vegetable (except Baby corn) and stock into a blender and blend properly and the strain it through a strainer so as to remove the tomato seed. The soup mixture is now ready to cook. Slice the Baby corn and keep aside.
3. Heat butter in a pan and add the soup mixture.  Add sliced Baby corn, pepper powder , Sugar and salt if required. Now mix a tsp. Corn flour in 1/2 cup of water and add that to the soup. Stir continuously until the soup becomes little thick and the volume is reduced.

Serve in a Soup Bowl and Garnish with Fresh Cream and coriander leaves.

I want to thanks Arundhuti of Gourmet Affair for awarding me with my first award 'Lemonade Award'. Thank you so much again for sharing this honor with me.

Iam very happy and excited to pass this award to my friends Poonam, Preety, CurryLeaf, SriLekha, Neha, Kitchen Flavour, Deesha, Usha, Sowmya and Sudeshna. Congrats! all of you for the achievement.


Indian Khana said...

Soup looking very nice dear....Congrats on your first award...

Unknown said...

yummy soup..nice colour...

Preety said...

i agree, soups and so healthy and we sould include them in our regular diet..thanks for sharing the recipe..sounds healthy to me &congrats for the award

Anonymous said...

Hi dear,
Thank you so much for the award.

Poonam said...

Thanks a lot for the wonderful award!!

Unknown said...

Very nutritious soup, loved the combination of carrots and tomatoes...Congrats on your award...and thanks so much for passing it on to me :-)

Unknown said...

congrats and thanks for mine..

Neha said...

Congrats for ur's 1st award n thanx for passing it to me.
I too make tomato soup similarly ,just i add onions too to it..,nice color of soup..

Srikitchen said...

congrats on ur deserved award and thanks for passing it to me!

CurryLeaf said...

Lovely and one of my favourite soups.I love tomatoes and this with the addition of carrots it has become more flavourful and healthy.
CONGRATS on your award and very happy that you thought of sharing it with me.THANKS

Chitra said...

congrats on ur award:)i luv tomato soup.this carrot combination is really a healthy treat!!will try this..Make a visit to my blog at ur free time and leave ur sugggestion.will feel happy:)

sudheera said...

Thanks for the recipe. It is hard to feed soups to my kids. But they liked this very much and I am happy as at the same time its nutritious.


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