Friday, April 15, 2011

Subho Naboborsho / Poila Boishakh menu

Friends, today is Poila Boishakh which means Bengali New Years day. So dear friends, Subho Naboborsho (Happy New Year) to all of you. Wish new  year fill your life with happiness  bright Cheer, bring to you joy and prosperity for the whole year. Today is a very special day for Bengalees and we always arrange a special menu for lunch which includes all the special and authentic bengali dishes from starter to dessert.Though today is not a holiday here in Bangalore and its like other weekdays, I still could manage to prepare some of those special items for my family in my limited time and really enjoyed having that with them.

Todays menu Includes:

Narkel diye Moog daal/ Moong Lentils with coconut

Doi Begun/ Brinjal in yougurt

Phulkopi Borir Macher Jhol / Cauliflower fish curry

Macher muror jhaal/ Fish head curry

Chicken Kasha/ Spicy chicken

Tomato mango chutney

Nalen gurer payesh

Recipe of those dishes will be published in my upcomming posts.


Unknown said...

Subho Naboborsho to you Sunanda :)
Khana khub bhalo aache :)

My Saffron Kitchen said...

Shubo Noboborsho!
Poila boishakh er menu ta darun! :)

zareena said...

Hi Sunanda, Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving your lovely comment. Sorry for visiting your lovely blog late. You have a nice space dear. Happy to follow you..:)

cook from doha said...

happy new year............waiting 4 the recipes..........


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